Another PAP candidate shows up in our radar! Mr Desmond Tan Kok Ming

He is none other than Mr Desmond Tan!

Mr Desmond Tan Kok Ming

No, not the Mediacorp Artistes who is a Commando Captain, but the former Brigadier-General of Singapore Armed Forces, Mr Desmond Tan Kok Ming.

Mr Desmond Tan Kok Ming, who is 50 years old, was formerly chief executive of the PA. He also served as a brigadier-general with the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF), where he spent 28 years! Mr Tan is married with 3 children aged 22, 19 and 9. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in aeronautical engineering from the Victoria University of Manchester and a Nanyang Fellows MBA from the Nanyang Technological University.

Mr Desmond Tan came from a humble background and grew up with hand-me-down books in a Bukit Ho Swee flat. Mr Desmond Tan said the kindness and generosity of his neighbours “never left” him, and he hopes to contribute towards preserving social mobility.

I want to speak up for our youth, our children, especially those from the disadvantaged families, to allow them to be able to have the same opportunities, growing up in Singapore.

Unlike Mr Ivan Lim who received multiple backlash when announced as a potential PAP candidate, Mr Desmond Tan has received nothing but positive reviews from many people on social media.

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Down to earth, humble, caring, empathetic, respected are just some of the words used by netizens to describe Mr Desmond Tan Kok Ming. It will take an entire blog post to list down all the words used to describe him. All positive and zilch negative!

We have consolidated some of the goodies that we can find on Facebook and we have not even consolidated those found on Instagram and forums!

Wong Stewart wrote:

You are one of the few officers who touched the ground soldiers with your heart.

Kenny Ou Chuan Nain wrote:

Great leader with no air

Wang Wenda wrote:

Rare breed of man very truthful, intelligent, humble and down to earth.

Alex Oh wrote:

Cheerful, positive, helpful, generous, empathetic and caring

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Just look at the number of NSmen who vouched for Mr Desmond Tan! In fact, we know someone who knew Mr Desmond Tan personally during NS and like what these NSmen had said, Mr Desmond Tan is a real, humble and friendly guy, who cares for everyone around him.

Mr Desmond Tan Kok Ming is the kind of candidate we wish to vote and he is the kind of leader we wish to lead us. Please come to our ward and our 5 votes goes to you!

A person who is good to everyone, regardless of who you are, is a real good person.

We wish Mr Desmond Tan Kok Ming all the best!

PS. You look really young at 50! Your family must be proud of you with these comments pouring in. :)

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