Colleagues stand by Mr Ivan Lim Shaw Chuan! Real testimonials!

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

A video is making its round on Facebook and in the video, 3 colleagues of Mr Ivan Lim Shaw Chuan stood against all controversies and gave their truthful testimonials!

Mr Solomon Thangaswamy (Section Manager, Hull Keppel Shipyard) has worked with Mr Ivan Lim for more than 19 years!

He is never shaken. And he leads the team.

1 thing Mr Solomon appreciates about Mr Ivan Lim is that Mr Ivan Lim does not pass down the pressure he has. He takes it and he knows how to handle. He is always deployed when the jobs are tough and when the situation is tough.

Mr Mohamed Rizal Sapari (Electrical Section Manager, Keppel Shipyard) has known Mr Ivan Lim since 2006. He says that Mr Ivan Lim is one of the most approachable around.

Mr Ivan Lim may be hard on the outside, but on the inside, he is soft. He has a kind heart.

He is very dedicated. He's very passionate about his job.
He is well respected.

Mr Mohamed Rizal Sapari added that Mr Ivan Lim has a lot of people under him and he needs to instill discipline. They see him like someone they can look up to.

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Ms Teoh Mei Yan (Senior Project Manager (Planning), Keppel Shipyard) has known Mr Ivan Lim since she joined Keppel Shipyard after graduation.

Ms Teoh says that Mr Ivan Lim might look as very cold, but you can actually approach him for advice and he gives you his honest advice. You will grow intellectually when you worked with him.

He comes across as rather helpful and caring, and most importantly, he inspires me a lot.

This video came amidst the accusations on the character of Mr Ivan Lim Shaw Chuan on various social media coming from his NSmen, ex-coworkers and even neighbour.


Mr Ivan Lim has released a Press Cover Note on 27 June 2020. But it is dated 28 June 2020! And there are a grammatical errors!

We implore all to exercise your own judgement and do not make baseless accusations!

We wish Mr Ivan Lim Shaw Chuan all the best!

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