Covid-19: 4 students and 1 teacher among the 20 community cases on 7 July!

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

Among the 20 community cases announced on 7 July, there were 4 students and 1 school teacher.

The students are from

Bedok View Secondary School

East Spring Primary School

Jurong West Primary School

Jurong West Secondary School

And the teacher is from Assumption Pathway School.

The 4 students are linked to household infections and were serving quarantine orders. As they were close contact of the infected household members, they were tested for Covid-19 as well.

These students were reportedly well when they attended school the previous week.

About 60 students and 10 staff in each of the reported schools have been issued with a 14-day leave of absence or home quarantine order by Ministry of Health.

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