ESSO Smiles Points Redemption Promotion from 1 Sep - 1 Nov 2020

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

Esso has recently announced a promotion which we feel cannot be missed!

So the promotion is you get to REDEEM PETROL WITH LESSER POINTS! Every weekends only till 1 Nov 2020!

Previously you can only get

$30 with 750 points

$10 with 300 points

Assuming petrol is S$1.80 per litre after discount and you earn 1 point for every litre,

750 points is equivalent to S$1350 spent! $30 redemption will work out to be 2.22% rebate.

300 points is equivalent to S$540 spent! $10 redemption will work out to be 1.85% rebate.

BUT NOW, with the promotion,

600 points is equivalent to S$1080 spent! $30 redemption will work out to be 2.78% rebate!

240 points is equivalent to S$432 spent! $10 redemption will work out to be 2.31% rebate!

So now is the BEST time to redeem your points!


Let me teach you another trick to get more out of your redemption!

First, you will need to have a DBS Esso Credit Card. The DBS Esso Credit Card will give you straight 18% discount, compared to Citibank credit cards that give you only 14%.

Credits: DBS

In ESSO, the redemption works this way:

Final price = Pump price - discounts - redemption

This is extremely important because the aim is to get the highest discount upfront with Esso Smiles Points redemption.

Thus all you need to do is pump S$37.00 worth of petrol. (Actually it is S$36.60 but S$37.00 is easier to key in.)

The sum will work out as:

S$37.00 - 18% (DBS Esso discount) = $$30.34 - S$30 (Smiles Points Redemption) = S$0.34

The difference between DBS Esso and Citibank Credit Card is:

Assuming petrol is S$2/litre

For DBS Esso 18% discount: $30 / 0.82 = S$36.59 = 18.29 litres

For Citibank 14% discount: $30 / 0.86 = S$34.88 = 17.44 litres

So by using a DBS Esso Credit Card, you get 0.85 litres more for redeeming $30 worth of petrol!

This is the minimum you need to pump for the following cards/discounts:

DBS Esso Credit Card 18% discount: S$36.60

Citibank Credit Cards 14% discount: S$34.90

Esso Smiles card only/Other credit cards 10% discount: S$33.40



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