GE2020 Half Time: Just for laughs

What do the different political parties mean to the people out there?

We overheard the following from a famous kopitiam in the Northestern part of Singapore:

Progress Singapore Party - Tan Cheng Bock's Party

Peoples Voice - Lim Tean's Party

People's Action Party - Lee Kuan Yew's Party

Workers' Party - Low Thia Khiang's Party

Singapore People's Party - Caltex Party

Singapore Democratic Party - Chee Soon Juan's Party

National Solidarity Party - Nicole Seah's Party (Still living in 2011)

Reform Party - 太阳公公 Party (from Chinese: Sun God Party)

Red Dot United - Mm Zai Simi Party (from Hokkien: "don't know what" Party)

Singapore Democratic Alliance - Audi Party

People's Power Party - Whistle Party (because "beep", "beep", "beep")

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Just for laugh only.

Not happy, tell us. We shall remove it. Please don't sue until our pants drop!


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