Independent candidate Victor Ronnie Lai plans to contest in Pioneer SMC!

Mr Victor Ronnie Lai, aka Mr Sunflower, has planned to contest in Pioneer SMC as an independent candidate!

Mr Sunflower (Source: StraitsTimes)

Mr Victor Ronnie Lai, 65, is married with children. He is also a retired financial accountant.

Mr Victor Ronnie Lai revealed that he has obtained a political donation certificate, and will put his name in the ballot on Nomination Day on Tuesday (June 30).

Pioneer SMC was chosen because the name "Pioneer" represents hope and new beginnings.

However, Mr Victor Ronnie Lai is now seeking a proposer, a seconder and at least four other assentors to support his candidature on Nomination Day. Those who are interested to help him (or make him to lose his election deposit of S$13,500) can e-mail him at

Election Deposit (S$13,500) is based on the fixed monthly allowance (S$13,750 currently) payable to an elected Member of Parliament for the month immediately before the date of dissolution of Parliament, rounded to the nearest S$500.

If a candidate is not elected and does not secure more than 12.5% of the votes polled, his election deposit will be forfeited  and this will be paid into the Consolidated Fund. 

Why does Mr Victor Ronnie Lai call himself Mr Sunflower?

Well, Mr Sunflower says that his friends gave him the name "Mr Sunflower" as he often carries the sunflower around with him.

The sunflower represents hope for the planet, and the importance of loving nature.

Mr Sunflower was seen doing his walkabout at Pioneer Mall on Sunday afternoon.

If elected, Mr Sunflower plans to tackle climate change, help the needy and change the education system.

With the addition of Mr Sunflower, Pioneer SMC will be the hottest ward, with a potential 4-way contest from People's Action Party (PAP), Progress Singapore Party (PSP), Peoples Voice (PV) and Mr Sunflower.

We wish Mr Victor Ronnie Lai aka Mr Sunflower all the best!

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