Man tasered by Singapore Police Force at Esplanade Drive!

A viral video has been making its rounds in Whatsapp! The video shows a man in confrontation with 5 police officers and 1 paramedic.

We are unsure what had happened prior to the standoff but the man appeared to be agitated and a police officer was seen pointing a taser gun at the man. While the police was asking the man to calm down, the man defied their orders. Eventually, the police officer discharged the taser at the man, bringing the man down.

While being tasered, the man seemed to have thrown his mobile phone at the police officer as an act of retaliation. As the man was down, all the police officers stood around the man but none of the officers took the opportunity to subdue the man.

Instead,when the effect wore off after 5 seconds, the man got up and put up a struggle again. The 5 police officers failed to subdue the man once again, allowing the man to flee. While fleeing, the man managed to swing a punch at one of the officers.

In a dangerous maneuver, the man dashed across a busy junction while stripping his top off to remove the nodes from the taser. (We thought he was going to transform to The Incredible Hulk)

The police officers then finally managed to subdue him.

Watch the drama below:

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