PAP candidate Victor Lye stooped, to a new low!

PAP candidate Victor Lye stooped as he conversed with 2 residents at Bedok North in Aljunied GRC while doing his walkabout today, 1 July 2020.

Source: CNA

This is indeed a rare sight as I have never seen any MPs or Grassroots Leaders stooping, kneeling or squatting when they speak to someone who is seated. Normally, they just stand.

If you don't believe me, observe their behaviour after GE2020. If you are seated, observe if they lower themselves to your level (stoop, squat, kneel) and speak to you. 99.9% of the time, they will just stand and talk to you when you are seated. This applies to most MPs from all parties from my observations.

When they need your vote, they will stoop, when they get your vote, you better be the one stooping.

According to the article by CNA, Mr Victor Lye said they want to bring the people of Aljunied to the national table.

We cannot be on the sidelines for another five years.

Mr Victor Lye, how about other parties who have been waiting on the sideline? As far as we know, some parties have been waiting on the sidelines for 10 - 20 years!

How about giving them a chance too? Like East Coast GRC, Bukit Batok SMC etc.

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Aljunied has been held hostage for too long. It has been nine years, the residents can see. It's time they gave us a chance.

We strongly disagree that Aljunied has been held hostage for too long. One of us who has stayed at Aljunied GRC says that there is no difference between Ajunied GRC and other adjacent SMCs and GRCs.

If it is time residents gave the PAP a chance, shouldn't residents at PAP wards give the opposition a chance too?

"Hostage" is too strong a word to use.

The residents voted with their eyes open. And to vote for the Workers' Party (WP) for 2 consecutive terms, they certainly know how the Worker's Party have performed in Aljunied GRC.

Maybe Mr Victor Lye should start thinking of how to win over the hearts of Aljunied residents, instead of being such a drama mama.

We wish all the best of luck!

Full article from CNA here:

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