Pap's Candidate Mr Shawn Huang Wei Zhong lands safely!

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

In a plot twist, the Facebook post regarding Pap's candidate Mr Shawn Huang Wei Zhong has been taken down! We do not know why it was taken down but that simply shows that the original poster does not stand by her comments, unlike Mr Bryant Wong. Thus we believe, either the incident did not happen, or that was just a one-off incident. Like we said, a hungry man, is an angry man!

Mr Shawn Huang Wei Zhong has also clarified the matter on his Facebook.

A social media post was brought to my attention, alleging an incident that occurred when I was NDP Parade Commander in 2018.
I recall the details of that particular incident and wish to make some clarifications.
It occurred during one of the rehearsals at the Floating Platform.
After the afternoon rehearsal, I had gone to the rest area for lunch. However, I found that no lunch had been catered for our group. As the logistics control group was next to our rest area, and they were in control of most of the rations, I asked if I could be given a pack.
Usually there would be rations left over and they would have to be disposed in the next 30mins or so. However, the WO in charge would not issue me a set of rations. I tried to reason it out with the WO that the rations would otherwise be disposed anyway. However, the WO insisted, and I decided that rather than pursuing it further I decided to leave the tent and went elsewhere to ask for a pack of food. I found another pack of ration that was leftover. After my lunch. I went back to the tent. And on the table, I found that there was now a pack of food. I told the WO that I no longer needed the ration and politely passed the ration back. This was witnessed by Encik Azmi, WO (Special Functions) and CWO Ng Siak Peng.

To help future ration distributions I highlighted to them that we could practice some flexibility in the distribution of rations. They agreed. I did not pursue the matter further.
When friends pointed out the post to me, I was surprised as I knew the WO who had posted it and felt that it was a misunderstanding. I tried to respond to her on the post so as to clarify matters but she has since removed her post. I wish her well and hope to be able to speak to her soon. My gratitude to many fellow serviceman who had posted messages of support.

Thank you for clarifying the matter! You took it like a man!

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In addition, good news for Mr Shawn Huang Wei Zhong!

Several netizens have also came forward to vouch for Mr Shawn Huang!

At Singapore's most popular forum, EDMW Hardwarezone forum:

Pokka Green Tea wrote:

Join Date: Apr 2015

Posts: 1,545

He was my previous CO and I have already heard that he will be joining politics before his COC. What I can say that as an NSF under him, he was a good CO and a great person to interact with. I had a long interaction with him last week and the insights he shared with me was indeed eye opening. If he is contesting in my ward, I would definitely vote for him but nope, I am voting for opposition.

Pherenike wrote:

Join Date: Jun 2012

Posts: 1,973

Not sure if my words count for anything, but I recently interacted with Shawn (after he went to Temasek). Though it was only a few emails and calls, but I've never found him to be arrogant and also appreciated that he took the time to communicate with me even though I was a small fry in another organisation and he was Director level.

Nuaster wrote:

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Would really like to share my POV here. I can vouch for this guy. He really helped me during MPS when i had something which i required him and Tharman to help. It was in 2015 and he was already helping there. I had first interaction with him. He's decent and humble guy in my impression. Nothing like what was written.

In conclusion, we would like to present Mr Shawn Huang Wei Zhong with a clean sheet! We strongly believe Mr Shawn Huang Wei Zhong is a man of integrity and honour!

We do have a few questions in mind for Mr Shawn Huang Wei Zhong though.

1) Why change name from Ingkiriwang Shawn Wei Zhong to Shawn Huang Wei Zhong? Is it because of Feng Shui?

Mr Shawn Huang Wei Zhong has clarified this on his Facebook too.

Some people have been curious about why I call myself Shawn Huang now, when I was previously known as Shawn Ingkiriwang.
A good question, and I will answer it fully. Let me also clarify that I am a Singapore Chinese, and a citizen by birth, since that too has been asked.
My family’s name was Huang, through the generations. It is also how we have called ourselves within the family.
When my great-grandfather migrated to Indonesia, he was called Huang. But things got troubled in the region, and in 1966 the family adopted “Ingkiriwang” as their name. So when I was born in Singapore in 1982, I was registered as “Ingkiriwang Shawn Wei Zhong”.
In 1989, my parents did a deed poll to change my surname back to Huang. So I became "Huang Wei Zhong Shawn", and went by that name in primary school.
However, when I was in Primary Six and applied for NRIC together with my classmates, I was told that I had to use my birth certificate name and could not use my deed poll name. We were an ordinary family, and assumed that this was true, so I reverted to Ingkiriwang.
I recently looked into the matter again, and confirmed that what I had been told while in primary school was incorrect, and my deed poll name has been valid all along. I therefore decided to henceforth use my legal surname Huang, which was intended by my parents for me.
So that is the full story of my name, and I know that many Singaporeans’ names have had their own journeys. I am not shy about any aspect of my heritage - my grandfather taking on a new name in Indonesia, and my parents changing my name back to Huang when I was young.

2) Were you the one flying over my roof at Punggol 5 years ago when you were still a pilot? Why fly so early? Disturb my sleep leh!

We wish Mr Shawn Huang Wei Zhong good luck and all the best!

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