PSP candidate Kumaran Pillai accused of not paying wages!

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

In a blog post by Mr Benjamin Cheah Kit Sun on his website, Mr Benjamin Cheah alleged that PSP candidate Mr Kumaran Pillai did not pay him for the work done for him!

Mr Kumran Pillai is PSP candidate for Kebun Baru SMC and he will be facing off PAP Mr Henry Kwek.

Kumaran Pillai, 49, is a known figure in the media industry as the former chief editor of The Online Citizen (TOC). He then join the team behind the formation of The Independent Singapore (TISG) as a stakeholder and its publisher.

The accusation dates back all the way to 2013. The TL:DR version is like this.

1) Mr Benjamin Cheah worked for Mr Kumaran Pillai as a freelancer to write articles for The Independent Singapore (TISG). Verbal agreement of payment per-article basis was established. No issue here, when he was a freelancer.

2) Mr Benjamin Cheah then joined TISG as a full-timer and the agreement was to write 1 article per work day. Everything was fine until 1 day, Mr Kumaran Pillai wanted the staff to write 1 minor story in the morning and 1 major story in the evening. And upload the stories to the website after editorial approval was obtained.

3) Job scope increased but compensation remained the same. (Happens all the time!)

Mr Benjamin Cheah alleged that salary payment for December was deferred to January. Joyce, another colleague discovered that CPF was not paid.

4) Mr Benjamin Cheah was eventually paid his salary 3 days before CNY.

5) He then resigned as full-time staff and rejoin sometime later as a freelancer again. Mr Benjamin Cheah claimed that the then-editor, P.N. Balji, offered to pay him $100 per article. A agreement was reached.

6) However, the non-payment problem then returned. Mr Benjamin Cheah wrote a total of 9 articles for TISG which should earn him S$900. But he did not receive any payment even months after.

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Mr Benjamin Cheah did not mention whether he received any form of payment thereafter.

You may read the longer version here:

Ever since Mr Kumaran Pillai was introduced as PSP candidate, this is the only complaint against him. We are verifying the authenticity of this complaint.

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