PSP manifesto for GE2020!

The Progress Singapore Party (PSP) has unveiled its manifesto for GE2020! And its campaign slogan is

You Deserve Better

The Progress Singapore Party (PSP) was registered in March last year and this will be the party's first general election! Despite this, PSP will be fielding 24 candidates to contest in 4 GRCs and 5 SMCs, the largest number of candidates among the opposition parties. Even veteran WP will only be fielding 21 candidates for GE2020.

This manifesto is the culmination of months of research and consultations with the public. We looked at the main issues concerning Singaporeans and at the topmost was cost of living.

Well said, Dr Tan Cheng Bock! PSP in on the ground with us, not on top of the ivory tower!

PSP's manifesto touches on 3 broad points, mainly economic development, social development and political development.

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Economic Development

Resurgence Strategy Post-Covid: Bolder economic stimuli, stronger support for SMEs that employ 70% of our workforce.

  • Jobs for Singaporeas

  • Reduce dependence on foreign labour

  • Assistance to local SMEs

  • Living wage

Social Development

  • A stronger social safety net to help Singaporeans through the Covid-19 crisis

  • Address HDB lease decay

  • Increase quantum of CPF withdrawal at 55

Political Development

  • Stronger alternative voices in Parliament

  • Independence of key institutions and appointments

  • Strong public service ethos

  • Freedom of speech and expression

For more details, please click the link to access PSP manifesto, available in 4 languages.

PSP manifesto:

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