SingFirst Sinks First!

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

Singapore's opposition party, Singaporeans First (SingFirst) has been dissolved amidst the wet weather in Singapore in recent days.

Secretary-General of Singaporeans First, Mr Tan Jee Say issued a statement of dissolution via Facebook on 25 June 2020 following the unrelated announcements of several other political parties regarding the their plans for GE2020.

Source: Faceook (Tan Jee Say)

Mr Tan Jee Say, former civil servant, ran for the Presidency Elections in 2011 and had garnered 25.04% of votes.

It is with regrets to see SingFirst sink first.

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We wish Mr Tan Jee Say and his compatriots the best for the future endeavours.

Probably a more auspicious name for the next party will be better.

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