TOP 10 Reasons why PAP lost so much votes!

We have analysed the results and after several hours of brainstorming with Duke of Zhou (周公), we came up with these TOP 10 reasons why PAP lost so much votes (8.66% compared to GE2015) in just 5 years.

The PAP has won 1,524,781 votes in GE2020 and 1,576,784 votes in GE2015. A decrease of 52,003 votes.

Not in any particular order:

Number 1

Wrong choice of election slogan. While the intention is good with slogan "Our Lives, Our Jobs, Our Future" intending to resonate with the heartlanders' fears and worries, it also backfired. With the advancement of technology and using of hashtag, the words are joined together like #ourlivesourjobsourfuture. It seems to also read "Our Live, Sour Job, Sour Future".

Number 2

The long queues at the polling stations especially at Sengkang might have swung substantial votes to the Workers' Party at Sengkang GRC. Many had raised their complaints online and called it poor planning by the Government.

Number 3

Jamus Lim warms the cockles of our hearts but none of the PAP candidates did.

Number 4

Singaporeans do not like to be called "Xia Suay"!

Number 5

Up till now, we still do not know what the East Coast Plan is.

Number 6

The "Tan Cheng Bock" effect gained some votes for the opposition. In West Coast GRC, PAP's vote dropped from 78.57% in GE2015 to 51.69% in GE2020. A drop of 26.88%!

Number 7

The Ivan Lim Shaw Chuan effect lost some votes for PAP. People started to query the candidate selection of the PAP.

READ: What kind of character is Mr Ivan Lim Shaw Chuan?

Number 8

The recent rising community cases of Covid-19 as we approached the Polling Day might have made some lose faith in the Government.

Number 9

Calling the General Elections during the Covid-19 pandemic certainly lost the PAP some votes.

Number 10

The population white paper, though wasn't 10m, but still make Singaporeans think twice about having 6.9m, with almost half of the population made up of foreigners.

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