What kind of character is Mr Ivan Lim Shaw Chuan 林绍权?

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Quite a number of candidates have been announced by various political parties in the run up to the Singapore General Elections 2020, GE2020. There are scholars (as usual), there are elites, there are peasants (like you and me), there are scions etc. But 1 person that stood out in these newly announced candidates is Mr Ivan Lim Shaw Chuan. He is the most widely discussed candidate in most platforms. Even I get news about him in 1 of my NS group chat.

Some background about Mr Ivan Lim:

According to various mainstream news sources, Mr Ivan Lim went to work at Keppel Shipyard after his O levels in 1994 at age 16, instead of furthering his studies. He was then living in a rental flat in Henderson with his family, it was under such circumstance that he had no choice that but to start working at a young age.

He worked hard and was awarded a scholarship by Keppel to study for a diploma at Singapore Polytechnic, after which he continued to pursue his degree in marine engineering, graduating with first class honours at the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Mr Ivan Lim then rose through the ranks and he is now general manager at Keppel Offshore and Marine.

This achievement was covered by Prime Minister Mr Lee Hsien Loong on his Facebook in 2018. Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat, who introduced Mr Ivan Lim said he has had a very unusual journey in his education.

Mr Ivan Lim, who is currently married with 4 children, is expected to be fielded in Jurong GRC. He said he wants to champion the needs of the vulnerable.

I'm concerned about elderly residents and children who require social assistance, especially those with special needs.

However, IREsimply81 went digging around forums after receiving some negative WhatsApp messages about Mr Ivan Lim and found several people who claimed to have worked with him, spoke about a different side of Mr Ivan Lim.

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Other background information that IREsimply81 found out was, Mr Ivan Lim went to NS and served in the Singapore Combat Engineers. He was also the Sword of Honour for the 18th Officer Cadet Course Engineer Term (18th OCCET).

So naturally, there will be people who talked about his behaviour in NS.

The first that came up shortly after he was introduced to the media was this comment on Facebook:

Source: Facebook

So the writer of this post who was acting Battalion RSM at that time, claimed that Mr Ivan Lim was condescending and was never well liked by his soldiers and commanders.

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In the popular EDMW section of the Hardwarezone forum, there is a thread with more than 700 replies and 150,000 views dedicated to him:


In the Reddit forum, there is also a thread dedicated to Mr Ivan Lim:


Some of the comments from NS (unverified) are:

He was the OC of my battalion and he was a self-Centred and downright evil person. Once he kept the whole ICT battalion back for 2 hours till past dinner time while he went for beers and came back half drunk to dismiss everyone. There was no dinner arranged and everyone was so hungry! Another time we were having an outfield exercise and it was threatening to rain very heavily. Other commanders asked him to check the lightning risk and he dismissed it and asked everyone to carry on. Minutes later there was a lightning strike nearby and he was the first to run indoors to take shelter before giving orders for others to stop the exercise.

I agree with what the Acting RSM said......... was the 2IC, and then the OC of the company during the early stages of my ICT. This guy is a 2- face, who could care less about the soldiers under his charge. In front of us, he was this demanding and uncaring officer, who demands that we respect him. In front of the CO and higher-ranked officers, he was this smiling and always friendly subordinate. Always trying his very best to get into the good books of the CO. Aka porlumpar. He always gave us the impression that he has this sadistic desire to control the men under him. As we were a stay-out company, there wouldn't be any dinner indented for us. But he would hold us for hours until around 7+pm, when he'll show up for a daily "debrief", which normally was a bullshit session. Around us are anxious fathers and husbands, and hungry men, who were waiting to go home to their families, but he wouldn't care.

Other comments (unverified) came from his schoolmates, co-workers and even neighbour!

Source: EDMW Hardwarezoneforum

Source: EDMW Hardwarezone (courtesy of eclipsemints)

The discussion at these forums and group chats are on going with comments pouring in.

After reading all these comments about Mr Ivan Lim, I can only say that he is currently the NUMBER 1 in terms of popularity! Even if he does not get voted in (which is impossible as he is in the same GRC as Mr Tharman Shanmugaratnam), he can try to be an influencer as no one has ever come close to his popularity now!

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The rest about him, errrrr.....I really don't know what to say. (stomps feet)

Do keep your comments coming and let us know if you have any insider news!

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Disclaimer: at iresimply81.com, we do not verify the authenticity of these comments and we are merely re-posting what has been posted at forums and social media.

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