Workers' Party to contest in 4 GRCs and 2 SMCs!

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

Singapore's most prominent opposition party - The Workers' Party - has announced that they will be contesting in 4 Group Representation Constituencies (GRCs) and 2 Single Member Constituencies (SMCs) at the Singapore General Election 2020

Workers' Party leader, Mr Pritam Singh said that Workers' Party will field candidates in Aljunied, Marine Parade, Sengkang and East Coast GRCs, as well as Hougang and Punggol West SMCs.

A total of 21 seats will be contested by the Workers' Party in total.

Aljunied GRC - 5 seats

Marine Parade GRC - 5 seats

East Coast GRC - 5 seats

Sengkang GRC (new) - 4 seats

Hougang SMC - 1 seat

Punggol West SMC (new) - 1 seat

For comparison, Workers' Party contested 28 seats in total for GE2015 and won 6 seats, in Aljunied GRC and Hougang SMC.

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The Workers' Party has also announced recently, the 12 possible candidates that would be fielded in the coming GE2020. Among the 12 are Ms Lee Lilian and Ms Nicole Seah (formerly from NSP). Mr Low Thia Kiang who recently suffered a fall, is not among the list. Take care Mr Low. Mr Png Eng Huat and Mr Chen Show Mao will not be fielded as candidates in GE2020.

Three younger candidates, Mr Gerald Giam, Mr Leon Perera and Mr Dennis Tan, will be taking their places. Mr Gerald Giam and Mr Leon Perera will be fielded in Aljunied GRC while Mr Dennis Tan will contest Hougang SMC.

Team Workers' Party (Credit: Workers' Party)

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We wish them all the best!

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